Create WordPress Website in Just 30 Minutes

First of all, I will describe that why you should choose WordPress to Create a WordPress Website? If you’ve decided to set up your personal website for your business because you assume that it will be tough and complicated, then don’t worry. Building a personal website or an eCommerce store is remarkably easy to set up on WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Many people can go from start to finish in about 25-30 minutes without any professional programming skills or special techniques.

WordPress is the best drag-and-drop website CMS that has many applications which you can use for adding more functionalities to your website as you need. You can easily maintain your website on WordPress, you don’t need to hire someone professional for the maintenance of your website. In that era of time overall 90% of the websites are using WordPress CMS. Furthermore, In WordPress, you can also do SEO for better ranking on google. In short, WordPress is full of your all needs. Important steps to get your WordPress website started to choose your domain name.

Here are the easy steps to create your WordPress website in just 30 minutes.

Selection of Domain Name & Hosting

The selection of a domain name is a complete process. Domain name selection is one of the most important aspect as this is how people will search for you in any search engine and will identify you with your brand name.

Your domain name is like, Here facebook is Domain name and .Com is an extension. The domain is that name that people type into their browser to get to your website. Though while choosing the domain trying to choose something simple and easy to remember, pick a domain that both represents your brand and makes it easy for people to find you. For example, “” is better than “” because searchers that are looking for Carpenter by name or for wood services are more likely to find him.

Create WordPress Website after you have finalized your domain, you will need to buy your domain name and a hosting plan from a well-reputed company that suits the needs of your website. It is ideal to choose that hosting provider which will offer hosting specifically for WordPress websites. In this, you can purchase your domain name and hosting both services from the same company. Luckily, offers both and is recommended by WordPress! Create WordPress Website

Select Your Package and Set Up Hosting Account

Hostinger offers different hosting packages from standard WordPress plans to 100% fully managed WordPress hosting plans. Once you have bought your domain name, you’ll need to create an account for your hosting plan.

  • Add your personal information into each field then you will scroll down to the package lists
  • Choose that package that fits your budget and service needs. Prices vary across hosting providers, but most of them offer add-ons, like tools to boost search rankings, extra security features and site backup.
  • You will check the appropriate boxes and scroll down to add your billing details. Wait for a moment to read through the terms of cancellation policy, service and privacy notices, then at last click the box to confirm that you agree with the rules.
  • Follow the instructions to create a unique password and boom. Now you are ready to set up your website.
Hostinger Hosting Package

Installation of WordPress

Let’s start with the simple and easy way to install WordPress with Hostinger auto-installer. The following steps are showing how to install WordPress on Hostinger Cpanel (Control Panel).

  • Access Hostinger Cpanel.
  • Find out Auto Installer and open it.
  • Write WordPress in the search bar and click enter.
  • Now fill in your website details

URL: The URL where you want to install WordPress. If you want to install it on the root domain name ( then leave it empty.

Language: Choose WordPress language (Default is English).

Admin Username: Set up your WordPress admin username. You will use it in the future to access your Wp-admin area.

Admin Password: Set up Your WordPress admin password.

Admin Email: Add your email address.

Website Title: Enter the title of your Wp website.

Website Tagline: You can also add a short sentence or slogan explaining what your website is about.

After all, setting up Press the Install button and WordPress will be installed on your domain.

WordPress Dashboard

Now you can start working on your website. You should find yourself on the back-end for your new website. This is the area that allows you to control your website. Spend some time learning the Wp-admin dashboard and get familiar with the features that you will use most often in the future to customize your website.

Create wordpress website in just 30 minutes

Customize Themes and Pages

Now You can start molding your website with your chosen colors, special elements and font styles that will help you to express your brand or personality. You can dive right in and write your first post but it will be better that first, you will have to know the features and functionality of your website first.

On the left side, you’ll find many options that allow you to customize your website as you desire. Select the theme; there are many paid and free themes are available. You can customize your website colors, headers and social media buttons. Upload unique photos to inspire your website visitors and add clues about your values and services. Create your first blog post and home page content professionally. Add a contact form for the people that can contact you.

Set up Google Analytics in your website for the collection of data on visitors coming to your website and link Google Search Console to make sure there is no error in your site backend. These few steps will have you running a WordPress website for your business in no time.

Are you ready to get started?

Get your domain name and hosting from Hostinger today!

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